The George & Angelina Owusu Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization with a vision to impact lives in Ghana through healthcare initiatives, primary and elementary education, and economic development. Our work focuses on reaching communities firsthand with sustainable programs that meet needs.

Since its inception, the George & Angelina Owusu Foundation has understood the challenges in Ghana cannot be solved by one company, one group, or one organization. The Millennium Development Goals, for instance, give us a clear sense of some of the challenges, so we are committed to doing our part to make a difference. Mr. George Y. Owusu and Mrs. Angelina Owusu are both actively involved in every project, and are passionate to continue to help the country they love.

As part of our efforts, we seek to partner with educational entities and healthcare providers to help reach local communities, both urban and rural.
We are creating meaningful partnerships with local communities to ensure that people's current socioeconomic status does not affect their future nor that of our community as a whole.

The Owusu Foundation's mission is to change the healthcare experience of the average Ghanaian.  We strive to ensure that there are high quality facilities, accessible resources and adequately trained health professionals in every part of the country.

We believe that access to health is a right and not a privilege and that going to the hospital should not be something that people fear.  
We seek to change the relationship that Ghanaians have with their personal health and with the health care providers.
We are engaged in providing infrastructure for health facilities of excellence to establish themselves. We are also working to  create initiatives that will encourage Ghanaians to take an active role in the primary health of themselves and their families.

Working collaboratively with organizations that share our values and vision, we believe that we lead a revolutionary change in the field of healthcare in Ghana.